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How to keep motivated over the holidays

Every Christmas and New Year I plan to do loads of blog posts, site updates, new designs and general tidying up. And every Christmas and New Year, I make an excuse not to do any more than a blog post … Continue reading

Failing more in 2014

I’ve been reading a fantastic book called The Extra One Per Cent recently. In it, the author references a study that found that 75% of people regret something they haven’t done, and only 25% regret something they have done. That’s … Continue reading

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Protected: Alchemy

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The third F

From fourteen to fifteen, I did GCSE psychology. This was the first time I studied the “fight or flight” response in any depth. To keep things simple, they only described it on a basic level, but at the back of … Continue reading

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